Creative Work

All Nithikul Nimkulrat’s creative work, whether it is an artwork, a product or a fabric design, is hand-made. Her artistic philosophy centring upon “making is thinking” has made her work accurate and inimitable. Making things by hand (i.e. craft) is a means for logically thinking through senses and materials in a slow and thoughtful manner. Nithikul considers that the expressive properties of the material can lead the skilful hand and the sensitive mind of the maker to reflect on and execute the resulting works in a particular fashion, and to think about where the works will be used or displayed already during the creative process. This way of working helps Nithikul to communicate her intentional ideas to viewers, users or customers. She has exhibited her creative creative work and received awards internationally since 2002.

Below is Nithikul's creative work in a reverse chronological order.