Materiality in the Digital Age

Authors: Ingvild Digranes, Nithikul Nimkulrat, Timo Rissanen, Arnhild Liene Stenersen, Bo Gao

peer-reviewed journal article, 2021

In art, design and craft education at different levels, the digital and the material meet, either as inte-grated wholes, as collaborations or as violent collisions. In such collaborations or collisions, the existence ofmaterialitycanbeunderstood differently depending on theviewpointsofart, design andcrafteducators.

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Suggested Citation: Digranes, I., Gao, B., Nimkulrat, N., Rissanen, T., & Stenersen, A. L. (2021). Editorial track 6.a Materiality in the Digital Age. FormAkademisk - Research Journal of Design and Design Education, 14(4).