Nithikul Nimkulrat's Crafting Textiles in the Digital Age

Professor Mart Kalm, the rector of the Estonian Academy of Arts, announced on 15th December 2016 at the festive year-end event the winners of the 2016 creative and scientific publication awards.

The Scientific Publication of the Year 2016, Honourable Mention Prize, goes to Nithikul Nimkulrat, Professor of Textile Design.

As remarked by Professor Kristjan Mändmaa, Dean of the faculty of design and one of the selection committee members: “Professor Nithikul Nimkulrat is not only a wonderful teacher and artist, but also the most prolific writer in the Faculty of Design. This autumn, she brought to life an overview of contemporary textile design in a book, Crafting Textiles in the Digital Age, published by Bloomsbury and edited among others by Nithikul Nimkulrat."

Crafting Textiles in the Digital Age is edited by Nithikul Nimkulrat (Estonian Academy of Arts, EE), Faith Kane (Massey University, NZ) and Kerry Walton (Loughborough University, UK).