Track 6.a Introduction: Materiality in the digital age

Authors: Ingvild Digranes, Nithikul Nimkulrat, Timo Rissanen, Arnhild Liene Stenersen, Bo Gao

peer-reviewed conference paper, 2019

In art, design and craft education at different levels, the digital and the material meet, either as integrated wholes, as collaborations or as violent collisions. In such collaborations or collisions, the existence of materiality can be understood differently depending on the viewpoints of art, design and craft educators. Some educators move seemingly effortlessly across digital and physical materiality in their practice (Nimkulrat, Kane, & Walton, 2016). For other educators the concept of materiality exists as something separate from the digital, while others speak of digital materiality as a space where the digital becomes “something” and gains materiality (Bratteteig, 2010).

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Suggested Citation: Digranes, I., Nimkulrat, N., Rissanen, T., Stenersen, A. L., & Gao, B. (2019) Track 6.a Introduction: Materiality in the digital age. In Conference Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management 2019 (pp. 1217–1219). London: Loughborough University London.